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The International Legal Society

The International Legal Society (ILS) is a society within QBDBD for international students, led by a board of three motivated students of the bachelor Law in Society, who, by organizing English-language activities, support the international students in various aspects during their studies, both at social and career level.

The Board
The board of The International Legal Society represents and promotes the interests of international students within the Society, with the assistance of a supervising board member from QBDBD called the ‘Board Member for International Affairs’.

The Committees
The International Legal Society has three committees, overseen by the ILS Board, with the goal of organizing English-language activities that support students both socially and career-wise. In addition to the activities organized by these committees, activities of QBDBD are also open to internationals and vice versa. Together with the Board Member for International Affairs, who is also responsible for this, it is ensured that integration between Dutch students and international students takes place on a regular basis.

The three committees within The International Legal Society are:

  • The Social Events Committee: This is a committee which organizes social events, such as fun get-togethers.
  • The Career Committee: This is committee which organizes career-oriented activities for internationals. You can think of workshops, lectures and training courses.
  • The Activity Committee: This is committee which organizes all kinds of activities.

Become a member!
If you are excited about The International Legal Society, you can sign for the society by signing up for QBDBD. Click here to go to the registration form, where you can indicate that you want to become a member of the ILS.

Registering for the International Legal Society is free of charge. However, do not forget you will still pay an annual contribution to QBDBD.

Are you already a member of QBDBD, but want to become a member of the ILS? Please send an e-mail to qbdbd.rechten@vu.nl.

Everyone is welcome within the society! However, please be aware that everyone within ILS speaks English!