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Study Trip 1-2 Committee

Study trip 1-2 Committee organizes a study trip abroad every year for the first- and second year law students. First and second year students are offered the opportunity to learn more about the legal systems of fellow EU countries.

The purpose of this trip is to provide students a broader perspective on international legal opportunities during their study time. One week a year, a select group of students is offered this opportunity. For example, three years ago the trip went to Belgrade, and two years ago Tallinn was the destination. Legal-related activities such as a visit to the Supreme Court, the Dutch Embassy, foreign law firms and a parliament are often on the program of such trips.

In addition to the interesting legal activities, there is also room for relaxation; with the whole group, a day of canoeing in the Czech forests or a pub crawl along the largest clubs in Prague are activities to consider.

Study trip 1-2 Comittee 2023-2024
Long Jiang (Chairman)
Veerle Kunst (Secretary)
Maera Uppal (Treasurer)
Gloria van Voorst
Roy Kerkhoff
Koray Turan