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The Incretus is QBDBD’s association magazine, in which attention is paid to legal and social issues. The Incretus also serves as a mirror of the association by presenting its field of interest, qualities and activities.

The magazine is compiled from start to finish by the Incretus editors. From last year onwards, the Incretus has been available entirely online instead of in physical form. It is now possible to read the articles in full on This website contains legal articles, columns, interviews, travel reports and reports of activities of the association.

Incretus editorial board 2023-2024
Olaf van der Horst (Editor-in-chief)
Madina Sediqi (Editor Podcast)
Evi de Boer (Editor Articles)                                                                 
Kika Baardman (Secretary)
Mayke Bots
Koen Kriek
Brendi Krougman